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Task Recount: Public Humiliation

I know you losers love falling victim to My Wheel of Tasks and Inevitable Punishments. Since I’ll be taking a short break from sessions to go on vacation, I have come up with the 30 Days of Submission challenge, designed to allow you to entertain Me in My absence. The past two days have been interesting, but you’ll have to do much better if you wish to please Me.

It’s day 3, and today’s task is as stated.


I had previously tasked my personal slave boy with doing my groceries, and here’s a recount of how it went for him:

I did this task on the way home from work. My heart was racing as I entered the busy Fairprice and headed to pick up the condoms and lube from the toiletries section. I then headed to the fresh produce section where I carefully selected the cucumbers - one small and one large, as the task demanded.

It was at the till where the task began. I was to purchase these items and inform the cashier that I only wanted the big cucumber, not the small one. The queue was long. I stood in line with items in hand, in full view of everyone else in queue.

It was then my turn to be served. I placed the items on the conveyor belt. Picture the items slowly being moved to the front of cashier. I was utterly embarrassed and humiliated. The items were scanned, and I proceeded to tell the cashier I did not want the smaller cucumber. To my dread, she did not understand what I said. I had to repeat myself, awkwardly gesturing and signalling to the small cucumber. I could feel everyone’s eyes on me. My face was bright red at this point. Thankfully she finally understood my requests. I quickly paid hoping there were no further delays. Everyone was staring and I could feel their judgmental looks as I bagged the items and left in a hurry.

Thank you for the task, Princess.

Evidence of slave’s shameful efforts

Evidence of slave’s shameful efforts


If you have yet to partake in my challenge, it’s not too late to attempt to prove your worth to Me. The fun has yet to even begin.