Aro Ha_0986.jpg

Princess Yura


Greet me.


Beautiful, sensual, strict and naturally dominant, I derive great pleasure from putting pathetic subs like yourself (yes, you) in their place — knelt before my throne begging for a morsel of my attention.

There’s nothing that pleases me more than watching a functional human being crumble into a blubbering mess before me, hanging on to my every word, ready to fulfil each command. Don’t worry, soon enough you’ll find that words don’t mean much when you’re cuffed and chained to a leash, writhing for release.

Do not be fooled by my petite stature. I might be small in size but I bite hard, literally. Push my buttons, and I will watch with playful glee and a sadistic grin as you collapse to my feet.

With 6 years (and counting) of experience, my unquenchable desire to be worshipped by those beneath me only gets stronger. The journey to polish perfection never ends, and the prospect of crafting new scenarios from complex kinks excites me. Thus, my style is ever-evolving, each scene moulded by my mood and the reaction I incite.

But one thing stays the same — should you choose to serve me, expect to be humiliated, punished, objectified and used solely for my sadistic pleasure and entertainment. If I deem you worthy of entering my realm, I will show you how easily the line between pain and pleasure blurs.