Read and Weep


Session Recount: Public Humiliation


Public humiliation has always been an interesting kink that is unfortunately tough to manoeuvre in Singapore’s conservative culture. Then again, being in a public setting while desperately trying to avoid prying eyes adds an additional layer of excitement and thrill to the scene. Due to its complex nature, I would never conduct a public session with subs I have yet to establish a connection with, as it takes special chemistry to pull off a successful session.

I get many questions from curious subs as to what exactly goes on during such a session, so here’s a recount of one of K’s top moments:

A moment that makes it into the top 3 is when Princess kicked me out of her room while I was butt naked, without a stitch of clothing on my back, begging to be let back into the room by Her Highness. This embarrassing predicament is scary and thrilling, and I love how entertained Princess gets as she watches my reactions.

During one of our most memorable sessions, I was made to pick up my clothes which Princess had thrown to the neighbouring door and had to retrieve each piece whilst on all fours. I remember scrambling for my clothes, desperate to be let back in only to have Princess demand that I climax into my hands before I could enter the room.

Before I could protest, she confiscated my clothes, slammed the door in my face and instructed me to start stroking myself before someone walks by. Knowing I had only one choice, I jerked off as fast as I could, all the while hearing footsteps and voices echoing along the corridor which added to my nervousness.

Thank goodness I managed to accede to Princess’s command and was let back in just as the elevator door pinged open. I was out of breath, panting like I just ran a marathon, and all Princess did was to laugh in my face and order me to swallow the mess I made in my hands.

Long after a good session ends, I still find myself dreaming up possibilities for new scenarios. K, I can’t wait to torture you again HAHAHAHA.